So I've started a blog six months ago and it will give you a deeper insight of who I am, how I see the world, and kind of how I verbalize my feelings and my thoughts on the world around me. So if you have, please, please check it out. I put the website on my Facebook, but if you need me to repost it, let me know and I'd be happy to do so. Okay, so tonight I was thinking about talking about apologizing
Elena Avallone
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And then all of a sudden, they go and do the same thing again. And then we're back to being hurt and disrupted and destroyed. And it was a really painful time in my life. I felt very disposable because it wasn't just that they hurt me, but they allowed another person to hurt me. I've never spoke about this. This is where things are going to get really deep, really raw and really real. Um this person I really loved I can't explain it
Elena Avallone
@blacklacebeauty · 4:34
And that person never said sorry. Still to this day, they've never said I'm sorry. Now I'm fortunate enough where I've forgiven that person and we've worked on things and we are together today, and I'm very happy. As for the person they were with who attacked me and didn't acknowledge my feelings or that they hurt me, well, I still don't have a resolution for that. So let me tie the story back into tonight's theme about apologizing
Elena Avallone
@blacklacebeauty · 2:41
It anyways. When you do something wrong with when you don't acknowledge it, not only does it hurt that person, but it's not good karma and apologizing and acknowledging your wrongdoing I think is so important and it can go so far. And even for people that are repeat offenders who make the same mistakes, I do think you can change. I do think that you can make a better choice
Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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It's such a loaded thing. It's hard to be hurt. It's hard to hear an apology and feel one way and say another thing or accept it. But the actions linger. There's so much to it. There's so much to it. But I think you shared a really important and interesting part of it here today. So I really appreciate you doing that. Thanks so much. And, yeah, keep it coming. I really enjoy your raw, unfiltered and curious tone
Ty Dobbs
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And I think it takes more age, more life, more wisdom, more loss, more heartbreak, unfortunately, to learn to discover and develop the awareness of what that looks like for each individual person. So hopefully from this experience you were able to pick up on some things that you would not tolerate and sometimes to learn what we want or what we need, we first must learn what we do not want or what we do not need
J.L. Beasley
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And the same for him. We've given that safe space to say, oh, I need to return back to this. Let me think on it. And I'm really proud that he has made that transition where there have been times where he doesn't come back. He's like, I don't really see what I did that was wrong. I hear that it didn't land well for you, but it felt right to me. And I'm like, okay, I respect that