Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 7:04

Winter tips to stay sane, and warm

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You're not just sitting still in your house. You're outside, you're doing things, you're shoveling. You've got those layers of clothes. The other important factor for the layers of clothes is it may be cold outside, but you're going to go to work where there's heat. You're going to go to stores where there's heat

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J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:26
And it felt great outside. It's like 65, 68, 70 as it gets warmer in the summer, maybe 72 at the start of the morning. I love that type of weather. However, in the winter it's 39, 28 degrees, 40 and it's challenging to get out there when it's that frigid to do that
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