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Covid and Vegas

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And I was teaching a class just last night on Wednesday, I was teaching a class and the student noticed that because I mentioned I don't feel well. And a student pointed out that I was taking these long pauses and are like, are you having trouble breathing, professor? And I was like, yeah, actually I am. And I've had COVID before I had it before I was vaccinated. I've had it since the before I was vaccinated

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People that are still dealing with symptoms months and years after the fact. So we know that COVID is definitely not like your textbook flu cold bronchitis type of virus. So yeah, we definitely don't want to minimize it, but we know much more now. And so we've learned how to, quote, unquote, manage it better, I guess you could say. But speaking of human interest stories, do you follow Humans of New York?
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Hey, Brian. You know, I'm right there with you. I just tested today and I'm positive, but I have been feeling pretty shitty for the last few days. I was supposed to have I think I said this in my post earlier. I was supposed to have an episode of my podcast out on Monday, but I've just felt like crap
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Use words for greatness! Heal well 🙏🏾

And I didn't have money for the concert when the schedule was being formed, but then had money for the concert once the schedule was officially published. And I was like, I need off. I need off. I couldn't get it off. So I said, you know what? I'm going to call out sick. No, I didn't want to call out sick. I was scared to call out sick because I didn't want to become sick
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And it's just fantastic because it doesn't have the gambling aspect to your hotel. I mean, I do gamble when I go, don't get me wrong, that is part of Vegas for me. But it's almost like your own little apartment and it's walking distance. If you are in shape, which I found out I am not, it is walking distance
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