What motivates you?

Secondly is control of schedule. And that could mean you remote work. It could mean 410s could mean three twelve s. And then thirdly is time off. How much time off do you get and whether or not you use it. So my question to you on this Friday and ask me anything. Ask me about motivation. Ask me about emotional intelligence. This is Brian. I'm the up north minimalist. I live working on living my minimalistic and homesteading lifestyle

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Brandon Taylor
@BT26 · 1:32
What's going on. Brian so I do like the fact that you talked about the differences in salary, PTO, how your hours work, but also the motivation can be as well, too. And a lot of employers don't really ask the question of how is the work environment? That's a big motivator, because a lot of times, yeah, money is fine and I can work my five, eight or four tens and be all sorts of happy
Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 2:43


You. Thanks for the response. For me, a motivator, I'll do this a few different ways. If it is a job that is mentally taxing, I've worked in the mental health field. I've worked in the substance use disorder field, behavioral health field
lashonda walton
@Trap_Formation7 · 2:18
And I don't know if it's because it's family and it's close people or I'm just sensitive, but I know I sound like I'm ranting and raving, but I'm sensitive and I'm learning how to just release everything and just let it go. But I have to learn also, too, like I said, not to be emotionally attached to a lot of things
Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 3:41
But once you identify why you feel that you need some kind of validation or you need to understand the emotion sometimes and this is purely from personal experience sometimes our body tells us what we need. And there are times in our life where it's like telling us we need to get away from a person or a situation. And it's not necessarily something we thought of. It's just something that all of a sudden, it's like, I can't do this. I can't be around this
lashonda walton
@Trap_Formation7 · 0:26
It's. Thank you so much for that reply. I really, really am grateful for you this morning. And if I have any more questions pertaining to just overcoming and being the best person that I can be and I'll reach back, I really appreciate you. And again, thank thank you
souzan snores
@souzanalavi · 0:55

Motivation stemming from? #AskSwell

You? It's a really good question. Of course I have questions. To answer your questions, you know, I am not motivated by money or outside things, which is probably a problem. So it's fascinating that you were mentioning, like, what motivates people, and I guess my main motivation is not to work for other people. So my question for you is, what motivated you into this minimalistic lifestyle and how do you utilize your training today? Are you working remotely?
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:29
I don't think that you can really gauge a lot from a person that's been on a job one or two years. But those that have been like mainstays, they have been with the company through thick and thin, up and down, recessions and all this stuff, tight economy stuff and all that. They've stuck through it through layoffs and through all these other circumstances. They've stuck with the company through good and bad times, and yet they're still coming in every day
Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 2:09

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So if there's always something else that can push that bar and there's nothing wrong with pushing the income level more and more and more, but eventually pushing the bar of what you're giving to people has been what I have found to incentivize me to be on the money gains. But anyway, I love this. Wanted to contribute. Thanks Riteshan
Swell Team
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Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 5:00


And I'm currently waiting on a contract with Hurex Digital to do academic content design for the next year, which would basically provide me the income to get the infrastructure for my farm, my homestead, because currently, I have a chainsaw, weed, whip, lawnmower, but I need more. I need quite a bit more. I need structures, things of that nature
Brian Foreman
@BKFOREMAN69 · 4:58
I don't have to worry about showering making breakfast, and I can make my coffee while I'm working. You can shower later in day before you leave the house. You can do all these different things. So remote work works at minimalism really well and the older we get, I dare say the less social interaction we need. I have kids, I have two grandchildren and my girlfriend and her daughter, our long distance relationship. So that's all I need. So thanks
souzan snores
@souzanalavi · 1:15


I can't imagine putting a child through some of the things I've had to go through. Anyway, that was really interesting, especially the professor that didn't believe in emotional intelligence. I wonder what she's up to. All right. Thank you