What is Juneteenth? Why should "we" celebrate such a powerful day?

So the significance of it, what makes it so special, and I am grateful that it is a prevalent thing now, is because on June 17 of 2021, president Joe Biden signed legislation making Juneteen th a United States federal holiday after Congress passed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act that same month. That is humongous, because if you think about during that time, june 19 of 1865, enslaved African Americans in Texas were told that they were free

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Because I might not agree with a particular group or class or I might not agree with something that they did immediately, I'm learn and vice versa. So that is kind of showing that we still are not free. And it needs to just get to a point where everyone is equal, everyone realizes that we're equal and come together in unity and unison to actually make a difference and make the world a better place


I believe in dialogue, because as I hear another person's truth, and that's what I received, what people say as their truth. Even when a lot of people are still in their heads and saying what they've read in books and not made their minds and their hearts become one, I still receive what people say as their truth. I needed to say that to you because when I present my perspective on Juneteenth, it's just truth
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My swell time is always out. But they called the freed slaves contraband, thus the names of the camps that the army was maintaining with all these freed slaves numbering into the millions. Contraband camps. So pardon me if I don't buy into making a national holiday out of these slaves down in Galveston, Texas, who had no clue of this crisis that was being faced. I've got a lot more on that swell that I've done as a private swell, and I am about to
And then these commercials on television waving vacations in front of their faces, making it seem like everybody else is doing it. Why aren't they? That's what it is on juneteenth, whether it's 17th or the 19th, because I kept hearing both numbers in there. It doesn't really matter what day it is, just that it exists, right? We need to have freedom from slavery. Slavery should not and should not ever have been reality for anyone. And it shouldn't be now
It is they who are so far down this divided owl rabbit hole that I don't suspect they even know how to return. Just a correction. Not the Supreme Court, but the United States Senate voted unanimously


I've never myself gone into a coffee shop or a restaurant, seen anything like that, where people are making out and manhandling each other all over the tables, you know? So I don't understand what the big to do is. And I'm not gay. I'm not straight. I'm nothing. I'm 20 years celibate, so that has no bearing on me at all. I just don't understand how being gay has anything to do with anything


A black fort built by the Union army here in Nashville. And that's where our first Juneteenth was. And at that very first Juneteenth, I displayed some of my historical quilts. One of my crafts that was handed to me by my grandmother was quilting, and I've done an underground railroad quilt and the like. But again, my very first recipe response here. As I indicated, I had no intention of even mentioning the supreme Court


Yes, the Rev. I was not asking anyone to prove anything, and I'm not proving anything. And as far as black history, I'm definitely not arguing anything about that, but I am striving to learn more about it. And as far as the last entry that I posted had nothing to do with any of that, it was simply about the term of unanimous being used, whether Supreme Court, Senate hearing, whatever the unanimous terminology is applied in the same way