The most chaotic day-out ever!!

Hey, all in this? Well, I'll be sharing an interesting event that happened in my boring life. This is by far the most adventure I've ever had. It's the time when I went out out with some of my friends. They are actually my friends from my school bus are gang. First. I'll just start by introducing all the characters of the story. It's not a story. It's a real life experience. Okay, so I am there, of course
Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 4:55
Yeah, we all found each other. But then the next problem. So originally we planned to go out with Nargis, also another member. But for some reason my heart was telling me narratives won't come 100%. Sure, I was like, I don't know why, but my heart was telling me, so I didn't even bother waiting for her. I didn't call her. I don't know. I was like, sure she won't come