Dark Acamedia book recs

I was immensely enjoying it, but I just left it. I think I had to read some other work, like very or gently importantly. So I had to leave this book, but I never went back into it. But this is an amazing book with actual Dark Academia trope. And yeah, this is amazing. If you love this job, then this is a must read. Number 611, Vengeance and number seven. How we Fall apart. These two books, number six and seven
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 2:08
It's a very diverse type of recommendation. But in general, a lot of people complain that this genre doesn't have enough of diversity. It's always associated with like Greek or Gothic things. But I love that in all your books, it's very diverse. So it's basically changing. Hence I really enjoy this even more. And another book that I think would probably fall into this category would be like Vicious or These Violent Delights, which I know you've read and Yeah
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 0:21
Wait, I just saw your other small and how you spoke about you haven't read these violent delights and you're going to read it and you have very high expectations and you'll probably love it, but you haven't read it yet. So sorry, my bad. She hasn't read it, you guys, but she thinks she's going to really like it and just clearing the doubt