Books with witches/vampires/werewolves/faeries/sirens 💅💅

What I mean is in some of the books I'll be mentioning a lot of them are there. Okay. Next one, number two, Serpent and Dove. It's only about witches. Okay. The main character is a witch, and yeah, it's about witches, but I don't really recommend this books because it's problematic. And also it's not that great. The series was just average. And on top of it, it's problematic

(Hear till the end to know problematic books)

Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 1:37
Okay. So actually, it's about vampires. Do you mean characters? Someone can be a vampire? I also forgot to mention this book, and I think this is the only book I've read in which the main characters are vampires because I've never read Twilight and it's pure toxic. Don't read it. I know it's like a classic of this age, but it's toxic. They're not treated. And I don't really know