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A Hill River

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Each day sun rays told the same lie. It snowed in winters every year. In spring, golden rods and esters bloomed each day in the wilderness. Thank you

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Mitakshara Shirgaonkar
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Hi, Gunjan. Good evening. Thank you for inviting me for your post. As you were reciting this poem, I was focusing on the words and could go deeper into it. The way you have described a scene is aromatically and visually very, very soothing. You know, the rosemary thyme and the blue berries and the ferns and the glaciers and ribules and tributaries and all
Gunjan Joshi
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Good morning, Mitakshara. Thank you for your generous words. So this poem, a hill, river and all my creations in my debut book, Pastures of Wildesters, are a tribute to nature of my homeland Uttarakhand, and are not just a figment of imagination, these are mostly real and in fact are a journal of all my observations that I took in wilderness there. So most of them are real. I would also like to add that there really is a cottage on High Hills
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Hello. Hey. It was beautiful written, and I really like your writing. Thank you so much for inviting me and listening to this piece of yours. Thank you so much
Sreeja V
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I agree with Mitakshara. It's such a soothing and heartwarming poem. And indeed, the visual tests come alive of a beautiful river flowing by the hillside. Thank you so much for sharing this
Gunjan Joshi
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Thank you for taking out time to listen to my poem sreeja and for lovely, encouraging words. This poem, as I said earlier, is part of my debut book, pastures of Wild Resters. And if you like the poem, you might like the book. Also, please check out my book which is available now on Amazon and let me know how you find it. Your opinion would be very valuable to me. Thank you. Srija
Challa Sri Gouri
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So the support that you get from the nature is really very unique and different. And the moment you start understanding and realizing the beauty of nature, you will always be mesmerized by the wonders it can do, by the miracles it can perform. So articles are often represented by you in the form of poems. I really love it. Thank you
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Profound words @Bibliophile

Thank you so much for inviting me to this. It's a beautiful, beautiful reading. Loved those words. I heard in one of the responses you've mentioned that the inspiration was your town, Uttarakhand. And I must say, your words have done complete justice to that scenery of that state. You've been able to bring it alive and you've been able to transform and make the listener experience that beauty through your words. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing
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And during the summers, what used to happen is that the skyline becomes even more clear because the sunshine is brighter and the distinct white color of the snow on the mountain peaks is visible. And also the snow melting and converting into clouds is also visible at the peaks. It's like a floating cloud at the top of the mountain peaks. And from the bottom, from upstream it was quite an upstream from where the water used to trickle down