A Spring Friday

On an afternoon of a spring Friday, the languor of calendula capitolum tells that peace is not a falsity. It tenderly sways in the warm breeze, sprinkling the soft fragrance of light. For all the fragile tokens of life, such as creeping florets of bougainvillea, chuckling blooms of nastatium, and the timid buds of rose and daffodils, a ghost of tenderness has entered in all their soft souls as they refuse to bloom until an undulating wind coerces them with caresses of sunlight and vapours

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@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 3:12
And as someone who's, who recharges in nature and, you know, your book has arrived and I have to tell you, like, it's like become like a vitamin for me. I read one poetry every day and, you know, it just, it really does transport me back
Gunjan Joshi
@Bibliophile · 4:26
But later on, he left all that, and he became a full time botanist and contributed a lot of species for royal Botanical society. So this is the impact of flora on Uttarakhand on people. Candy. And how could I not, you know, get influenced by it? And also, while I'm at home, you know, I get to hear, I get to see and witness a lot of, you know, activities of flora and fauna
Mitakshara Shirgaonkar
@Mitakshara · 0:53
Hi Gunjan. Your poem on nature is really, really refreshing. And as I heard you reciting, I could imagine myself sitting in that place surrounded by all that you have described. I am a botany postgraduate myself, so obviously I do have affinity towards the greenery, the flowers, the leaves, and everything that is natural around. And being a city dweller from Mumbai, something of that sort is rare
Gunjan Joshi
@Bibliophile · 3:27


You know, I must say that botany as a discipline inculcates a lot in you, you know, being detail oriented and being considerate and being, you know, conservationist by nature and by, you know, inherent conservationist you become when you study botany. And, you know, there was one of my brother who had done masters in forestry, and he had topped the university at that time. He's very much older than us, 15 or 20 years older than us
Mitakshara Shirgaonkar
@Mitakshara · 1:20
Hello, Gunjan. Thank you so much for your response. I loved the fact that you two are a botanist. And yes, that makes two of us. And whatever you mentioned about botany being a subject which inculcates a lot of values in you, the detail orientation, the affinity towards nature, I can 100% resonate with that. In fact, I, in my coaching session, also sometimes take cues from nature to explain certain things