Anime debates

Today I'll be talking about a topic you know as an anime watcher you can really relate to you know, all of us who watch anime have different nanda experiences and opinions on each anime so yeah, that's why everyone has their own favorite animals, their own favorite characters and sometimes it's fun to discuss which anime is better or which anime character is stronger but we should have to draw the line when it gets toxic you literally start fighting with changes online just to prove which anime character is stronger and sometimes, even though you know your character loses but it's still your favorite you got told that it's a weak anime so that character is weak so guys, my thoughts on this is yes, it can be fun sometimes but you don't have to be all toxic and violent and aggressive about it it's natural to defend something you like, especially against something of the genre like even though which character is stronger, it still sometimes won't engage in debates but it's just not right when we keep comparing some animals like how better they are, plot and story fillers it's nice if you don't like any anime or if you do like it but it's not nice for you to troll someone just because they like that anime or they say they don't like the anime, that's your number one so you start rolling their animals it's not nice and not at all should be getting to have a place in the community because it's really pointless everyone has their own experience with the anime and everyone has their own favorite characters, things, stories, memories so it's pointless to argue against someone that this can't be your favorite or he or she can't be a favorite just because the weak or just because they don't and that really pointless everyone has their own thoughts and memories so I don't get the point all I have to say is just keep it fun and light and you don't have to be toxic about anything nanda you just ignore some people and watch what you like and it's nice to give suggestions but don't force people like forcing them to just accepting that this anime is the best one no anime can be best for all the people in the community that's what I'm trying trying to say nanda yeah, that will be all for today and I'd love to hear your wife's thoughts on it everything I said today and maybe your experiences too but that will be all for today thank you guys

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