Everything that you went through, everything that you overcome, every tear that you ever cried, everything that you have suffered through has made you who you are. So you have to embrace it and grow from it. Love it. Don't be ashamed of it. Don't hate it. Understand that there was a purpose for that situation. There was a reason for that hurt. There was a reason for that thing that you went through or the thing that you're dealing with

Be who you are in your heart

Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:21

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Hey, Ben. I love the encouragement and the thoughtful words. It seems as though sometimes in life we can forget the struggle, forget the challenge, and unfortunately, forget who we are, which I think can lead to all the aforementioned difficulties. The trick, I think, is finding a way to stay connected with who we are and what we desire most, not being distracted by the endless list of of well crafted and groomed distractions that are consistently circulating our everyday thoughts and vision and senses in general