And we must really consciously strive to control our primal and emotional brains that get triggered so easily. They're triggered by these algorithms and inherently what this device and the internet enables. So it's incumbent upon us to think critically about our shared reality. We are very similar to each other. We ought to be more kind and say hi to more people and be more grateful and optimistic and positive

Our ancestors used to marvel at thr stars each night, in awe at our oneness. Now we stare down at screens, hyper focused on ourselves

Ty Dobbs
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And I'm always amazed when you get to see the Milky Way in the entire field of constellations in its finest hour of zero, zero light pollution. So thank you for making this comparative analogy. I think that a lot of people could stand to benefit from the understanding that there was an older way and we've kind of lost touch with that
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So really stoked to be under the stars and just feel that visceral feeling of connectedness, which I've not experienced for quite some time. And yeah, man, happy for you to throw some hashtags in here. Would love to figure out how to better use Swell and connect with people who are interested in having these types of conversations. Really appreciate you and followed you from your first or not your first post, but the first one that I heard of yours, so it's great to connect on here