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Sreejita Karmakar
@belle · 4:59

On Trying New Things

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I'm sorry, I'm not very well versed in the language of haircuts so I got that and I haven't changed that and it's still there and people still look at me as if they're looking at me for the first time. Just a few days ago one of my relatives just went ahead and said, did you just chop it off even shorter than it was the last time?

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Nikita Arora
@The_gyaaniKeeda · 2:27
And you're right. People always have something to say in case you have long hair, they will most probably tell you to get highlights. And in case you have I'm also not very well versed in terms of hair fashion or soothing fashion. And when you get that comparison, they'll be like, hey, boy, you're going, Daddy. But you know, that it's just an experiment. And maybe, yes, I really appreciate it
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Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 3:58
It's going to be three haircuts and which is impossible. Oh, I still get those. Don't do this. Don't do that for your haircuts. I mean, seriously. Okay. I really want to leave my hair long. Like having a ponytail once. Okay, you guys are saying it's difficult, but still, I want to try that out. Like I just wanted to give a look. How do I look in that? I just can't imagine it
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Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 1:10

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Then two bold that I did cut my hair and though they are increasing in length that doesn't matter what we are talking about here is that people they just want to talk, they are not getting any topic, they just see the passerby and they just start talking about him or her, they just want to talk, they just want gossip and nothing else. So what we should do is what we can do is we can ignore them
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