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You are what you believe

I'm not even feeling good. Nobody asked me how I'm feeling. And now your kids go out into the world, and they can't be nice to other people because nobody has been nice to them. And I realized that there are so many kids that come to school burden because of how their things are at their home, in their home with others. So I want to encourage you to make sure that you are setting your children's belief system up to benefit them

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 1:10
I really love this, and I think it's a really important perspective. I feel like I've heard a lot of conversations around, like, healing childhood trauma and like, your own personal trauma, but I've never heard it with a shift in focus towards the act of parenting and yeah, making sure that if it was true for you, it doesn't have to be true for your child. And that's sort of in your hands completely
LaDorris T
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Oftentimes we can get so wrapped up and why was this and why was that? But there is so much beauty and saying, you know what, I'm going to do it this way because this is what my spirit needs needed and I'm going to be what my spirit needed. Because if my spirit needed it, I know that there's someone else who spirit needs it too. So, yeah, thank you, have a beautiful day
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