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Aayan Banerjee

 · 7mo ago · 2:42

The Groundfloor Leader

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"…Do you know one? Have you been working for one? How was the experience? What did feel, how did the person react when they understood that they have messed up? Oftentimes we find insecure leaders, despite being very successful, and what do they do? They throw their teams under the bus, they panic, they find a scapegoat. They often play the victim of circumstances and they just don't know what to do because they're so far removed from failure.…"

#leadership : the elevator always returns to the ground floor


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 7mo ago · 2:25

"…Yes. I believe sometimes leaders forget where they started or that there was a point where they didn't have all of the experience and yet someone had taken a chance on them. Or there were times that they have had in the past, current in, times they haven't even yet encountered in the future, where they have made mistakes or will make mistakes and learned their best lessons through trial and error. And these are the lessons that many forget.…"


Chatty Girija

@CheersChatty007 · 7mo ago · 4:07

Character! Up or down? #cheerschatty #inspiration #swellcast #businesstalk #startups

"…Hey, Aayan. Very interesting topic. And I woke up listening to this and I said, I have to reply to it before I get on to doing anything else. So one thing that I believe that one needs to have as a leader or a follower or even as a person in our personal lives and in our professional lives is character. That's what defines you, what you are as a person, because you can never fake your character.…"


Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 7mo ago · 5:00

The Suoerman Syndrome @CheersChatty007

"…So number one, in terms of the leadership style, to each their own. And the biggest mantra is whatever works, right? However, my observation has been that a lot of managers tend to suffer from the Superman syndrome. Turns out there was only one and he did need a job. People try to become Superman and do extraordinary things. Sometimes all you need is to be a clock, Kent, and be the guardrails for your team. Be there.…"

Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 7mo ago · 4:56

The automobile enggineer and car

"…The gentleman had people management experience, but he had zero experience of managing the complexities of this particular role. And so the gentleman was hired to do this role to bring in a fresh perspective from outside. Here's this guy who will think outside the box. So I counterargued that over the years when we were hired and we had out of the box thinking so you hammered us into a box. Now that we are functioning well within the box, you hire somebody to think outside the box.…"


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 6mo ago · 2:47

"…Hi. Aayan. I have been fortunate to be mentored by leaders who never had a clear cut success or failure sort of a benchmark. It was all about learning. And I think I sort of when I began leading teams also when by that principle and realized that as a leader it is your job, of course to know the basics and know it really well. And there are certain expectations deliverables which you cannot compromise on and you need to move ahead with those.…"


Lara Bezerra

@LaraBezerra · 6mo ago · 4:48

#Acknowlege situation, #reflect, #learn and #shareLearnings, #apologize if your impact was not positive! This is my way of going to the ground

"…Well, when this happened, I understood that my behavior that I was not noticing was impacting the whole organization. And this was not my intention, on the contrary, I didn't want my problems to disturb them. And then my lesson was if they know what is going on with me, they will not take it personal, they will understand and they will be much more free from whatever thoughts about it.…"


Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 6mo ago · 4:35

@LaraBezerra : help me help you leadership

"…It really made me think that here I was trying to help somebody and the person was so conditioned into believing a particular type of leader or my predecessors, who were those in the classical ones, why talk to somebody at the ground level, as it were? We were seniors, and so we talked to our immediate directs and reports and not worry about the skip levels below as much. And so I principally, fundamentally never believed in that.…"

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