So much of our words, our language that we use is not connected to who we really are. We are not cognizant of some of the words that come out of our mouths. Some things we mean to say, we don't mean to say it in a way that it comes out, some things we mean to say. And those words never come out. And so, in the spirit of speaking, in the spirit of being conscientious about the words that we hold

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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And using your voice is a bodily act and spiritual as well, of the soul. So I really appreciate you coming on here and talking about this, and it's a good reminder for everybody, but for everybody here also to think about the words and the words that you send other people's way. Yeah, it's beautiful. And I think having that check in with yourself before speaking the words is really good advice
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You. Peace and blessings to you, sis. I have just listened to both of your messages and I have so much, so much I want to say, but I think gratitude is a way to surmise it. I appreciate you taking the time out to take your time out to listen to my message, to my notes and then take more time and respond. And it's so thoughtful and I truly appreciate your sentiments. I appreciate your brand of sincerity. I can hear it when you speak