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Spiderman No Way Home (2021)

I thought it couldn't get much better than Spiderman into the Spiderverse, but this film blew it totally out of the water. Spiderman no Way Home takes the idea of multiple Spiderman universes combining and perfects it by focusing on universes we know and love. After a few okay, albeit disappointing solo outings for Spider Man in The MCU, we finally have a film that focuses on the right characters and showcases why Tom Holland is probably the best Spider Man

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Dharthi Chipalkatti
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The best movies from the Marvel Studios in 2021 was definitely, you know, Spiderman no Way Home. Everybody just loved the concept of multiworld and how, you know, Dr. Strange was there and how the Doctor Strange multiwers of Madness had mostly like, teaser and trailer in this movie as well. It was really great of how they bought up people and the villains and all of that from different multiverses and also the two OG Spiderman from the previous movies. So I love that movie, totally