Ayishah Hasni
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An Inspiring Walk

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And that's what I did today because I was working on rewriting the ending of my novel that I'm currently working on, which is just an older piece of work. But I'm revisiting it, re writing it. And I was just not happy with the ending that was in my notes. I was like, this is flat and I need to go out and get some new inspiration. So that's what I did. And usually this doesn't work because I'm distracted while I'm walking

I went on a walk today to get writing inspiration, and it worked!

Maheen K
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Oh, I'm so happy that you could think of some new ideas for your book and everything. And I totally agree. Like, sometimes you just really have to take the time for yourself. And like, I agree. I love walking with other people and like having the company and being able to catch up. But like, sometimes doing things by yourself is just like, so helpful and so good. So I'm happy for you