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My Alice in Wonderland Tea Jar

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I just got it pretty recently, and I want to read it again, because when I was in English AP in grade twelve, I did Alice in Wonderland as a film study, like the Disney version, and I wrote an essay on it, and I wrote about why it's so nonsensical and how the author uses that as, like, I can't even remember. But something about it being nonsensical. And it was really fun to write, actually

I got this Alice in Wonderland jar for storing tea, and I think it's cute!

Neha M
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I don't know what I'm talking about, but what you were saying about you writing an essay on the movie and talking about how it was. It's very nonsensical and that kind of thing. I like that. That's really cool. I like when art is, like, intentionally confusing and like, makes no sense at the time. I don't know. That's really cool. It reminds me of this musician, Jacob Collier, which I posted about one time
Anitta P.J
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This is simply cute. I totally love it
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And I love how it's just so bizarre, but it kind of works and everything that every single character has a specific role, even though, like, the mad Hatter, like, you think he's just crazy, but he's like, crazy in a smart way, and he knows what he's doing, which is so cool, like, nonsensical, which is why I like it so much. And I love when you talk about movie essays