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Handling small t trauma, and acceptance of others who maintain traumatizing beliefs ?

One thing I've researched in the last year, year and a half now is religious trauma and exploring my own reactivity to Christians and fundamental Christianity in general. I think just where I come from and how trapped I felt and kind of betrayed by the concept of religion and Christianity. Once I realized that it was all fake, I bent over backwards to fit into this mold

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But still, the triggers that I deal with now or when someone tries to impose those beliefs on me tries to quote Unquote save me working on. So I guess all of that said long story short, it's a journey and it's not easy. And I feel you
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Part 1

But that's such a valuable tool and opportunity like you experienced to figure out what I believed and how it is so illogical and damaging and backwards, and to separate myself from that conglomeration of pain and confusion and anger, I think indignation that I was put under those same unrealistic backwards expectations that Adam and Eve were the idea of free will and then being punished for having free will, the psychological backwardness and unfairness and exactly like you said, that would not hold up if that was something that a person was doing, we would label that as abusive
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Part 2

Because right now, I'm just so wrapped up in how all those things make me feel that I don't yet have the patience or maturity to sit with it. So I really appreciate your example as a way of pointing out that this is possible, because sometimes I'm not sure if that reactivity will ever go away. But you're right. It is a journey know I'm rambling

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The body is maybe spasming or whatever, and we have to feel that before anyone can really analyze and touch that wound to even treat it. This is from my perspective, just a part of the process. My difficulty has always been determining when I'm still in that part of the process of feeling all of those things. And when I'm just retraumatizing myself by hashing everything over and over again. So I wish you better luck in that than I have had
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Hey, thank you for those book recommendations. I felt in my heart for a really long time that this wasn't right and it didn't make sense, especially the love is love questions answer. But once I started to research my thoughts and feelings and to see if anybody else had similar experiences, I feel like they really opened a door to more possibilities and more freedom
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Hi. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this post. Just hearing this post is a lot of support, and I want to thank you. I came into religious drama through relinquishment trauma. Isn't that interesting? So just wanted to say thank you and show support. And I hope it's okay that I follow you on here. My name is Sam, and I over at Radio in the woods. Take care