#PhotoStory | A photo I am proud of...

Hey, swell. This is a picture of something I was proud of last year. I lived in Mexico with, at the time, my eleven year old daughter. And I am a person who practiced african spirituality. And last year, for the reading of the year, the deity that we were said to give some love and make offerings to was Dambala and it's the serpentine deity out of the voodoo religion

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:43
And then as you were getting ready to leave, you found it. It's like the perfect closing. So, anyway, thanks for sharing your journey, and I look forward to hearing more about your stay in Mexico and about maybe what you did down there, where you were. It all sounds pretty exciting
Ariel Aiyegunle
@AstoldbyAri · 1:20
And then we didn't even get to really dig deep in the surface of what to do in Mexico because there's so many things to do. So we plan on returning eventually, if not this year, then for sure next year. We will plan toward that. But thank you so much for your reply. And yeah, I look forward to hearing some of your stuff too