Prabudhjeet Astangi
@astangi · 3:59


So since I have a little artistic background and artistic I'm a graduating art and some art and filmmaking actually. So when I saw this there is just a thought came to my mind that one life ends, another begins. And yeah, I just felt extremely nostalgic of how time has passed and how far we have come from that place to where we are now. So it's just which is scary and happy at the same time, I guess if you can understand

#timecapsule This ware is in my family for more than 30+ years #childhoodmemory

Avneet .
@avneet_ · 0:29
Yes, time passes and mysteries of yesterday are fond nostalgic memory which we often like to revisit here and there. And yes, I believe that it's nice to reminiscence the old times and be in it for a and actually realizing how far along the way you have come