Auhona Dutta
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How heteronormativity persists in society today (part 2)

Besides personal life in schools, student councils should not have a settle of headboard and girls. We should all have student boys. Because one of the things I wanted to do if I got chosen but anyway so when we meet new people, we assume them to be heterosexual. It implies that heterosexuality is the norm of sexuality. Defining things to be male and female, that is heteronormativity. Sexual expression and orientation should not be labeled. We all might be contributing to making life harder for the LGBTQ community unknowingly

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Avi Chand
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One sees them on the road begging or doing something marsha to make money and you feel bad about that. I mean, they should be legitimately assimilated into society and treated with love and respect. And we have to normalize their presence. We have to accept their presence in society. They're human beings. For gender ambiguity doesn't mean that they are not human beings or that they don't have feelings. It's a pity if we can't simulate them and give them love, respect, acceptance
Auhona Dutta
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And yes, it needs to be fixed. And I mean, while there are steps being taken but not enough and the pace is also not that much. And even if there are steps taken, theoretically, technically they are being taken. But the practicality of it in terms of discrimination, stereotypes is still there. So yeah, I guess education is also an important step in case of removing the stereotypes and prejudices
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For this romans 126 for this reason, God gave them up to dishonorable passions for their woman, exchange natural relations for those that are contrary to nature. Okay, that's telling me that God does not like what that is. Mark ten six. From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. Therefore a man should leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh
Auhona Dutta
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Hi. Thanks for responding. I'm not really that religious, and I don't really know much about Christianity. Thank you for educating me. But while I don't agree with your point of view that we shouldn't accept people who love people of the same sex or gender, but I'm really glad that you listened to it. And I guess Mr. Avi chand said something about it, and I hope you guys can have a good discussion on it