Who should choose a Child’s Career?

And because the world has changed so much, so many different job descriptions and professions have come up that were not there earlier. But I personally feel that there are many other aspects also that should be taken into account when deciding a career. Now, I believe that it is important to involve the parents. It is definitely important to involve the child. But one also has to remember that seeking guidance from a professional will also be very helpful. And it is important to get yourself assessed

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Kavya .
@Kavya13 · 1:50
Also ultimately the child's career choice should be their own and aligned with their interests, passion and skills. Also like parents have an emotional support and encouragement to explore the child's interest and parents should act as a facilitators helping their child understand their strength and weaknesses. Also while deciding a career, a student must seek help from their mentors
Meenu Kaur
@tailored979 · 4:45
We cannot ignore this fact that every person let's keep that he is my child thing aside. But how can we forget that every person is an individual identity and thus has the right to express, thus has a right to choose, thus has a right to go or opt for the things which he or she wants? But unfortunately we forget that. Yes, I agree to this thing that parents are more learned, they are more experienced
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:43
So if they are not really interested in that particular domain and takes it up only because of the force or pressure that they get from their parents, they'll not work heartfully towards that particular aim and that results in many other issues too. So I truly believe that both are equally important in taking this particular decision and I really thank you Ashmi for bringing up this topic and giving such great analysis on this. Have a great day
Dharmin Chanda
@bombayblues · 2:45


Essentially, even I believe there are two quite instrumental aspects in shaping a child's career in a fulfilling way as far as their passion and interest is concerned. I think encouraging the child to pursue a career aligned with their passion and interests is crucial. Also, when a person is genuinely interested in their field, they are more likely to find fulfillment and success, as you rightly said
Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 5:00
So there has to be, and there would be likely be a shift towards to a more skill based education system to meet the demands of the rapid and ever expanding, changing
Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 5:00
And moving forward in next 20 years, a skill based education would supersede the traditional academic pathways in various aspects. There are certain arenas which definitely need traditional academic pathways, but they will see a lot of innovation happening that is imperative of how the technology will shape the education sector. And India needs to evolve. India needs to rapidly adapt to technology and definitely personalized learning. Education will become more tailored to individual student needs
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Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 5:00
They need to be equipped with the changing technology, with the changing algorithm that is happening across the tech market. So peers and communities play a massive role. We need to understand that how the interactions with peers and local community they also shape a child's interest and inspiration advice. That's it. So the changing dynamics, the career choices will evolve over time and child what it wants at a young age might change as they mature and gain more knowledge about the world
Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 1:44
Ashmi, I'll just wrap this up. So these changing dynamics will affect so if you're looking to a certain child's career and choices, they will evolve over time because the tech is changing, the world is moving very rapidly. See, if this is what the AI has been, you know, the common man is exposed to, then you can only dream of what it can do
ashmi dewan
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Hi Adarsh, thank you so much for your reply. I actually listened to your reply twice, not because I didn't understand it the first time, but because I just wanted to get your perspective and I wanted to understand more about what you were talking and I really couldn't agree more. I think you made some really good points there. So thank you so much for taking out time and giving your inputs here
Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 1:12


I already have a newsletter with unfiltered HR on LinkedIn, so my thought process is to bring that on and get a lot of people in and discuss what next 1020 years have stood for the current generation, for the next generation coming on. So this particular topic excites me because I have a lot of stories to tell. So thank you once again, I sincerely appreciate you taking out time and diving this into the topic and I look forward to connecting you further. Thank you so much. Bye
Rakesh Kumar
@RakeshKumar2023 · 3:25
You. Hey, ma'am, you have taken a very important topic. Who should choose the career of children? I think at least nobody else should choose. They themselves should decide. Finally. Because when other people try to choose, they can't do justice. Because ultimately the child has to lead his or her whole life in that career. And if it is chosen by other people, maybe he won't be able to love that particular field. Maybe he will earn money. She will earn money