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Is the ‘rat race’ for everyone?

Sometime back, I quit my job and decided to do my own thing. But before I really did anything, I was at home doing nothing at all for some time. It was more like a timeout now. Then I started doing some content writing and giving tuitions to grade 1112 grad students and even postgrad students

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Dr.khushboo chauhan
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So it's okay to take a break rather than following the societal norms, because during this break, only you will rise and bloom if you would be able to take advantage of fully. And dude, it's okay to give yourself, your brain, a little time to think, to revise it. What's a big deal in that? So just buck up, cheer up. You are doing it amazing, no doubt in that I personally have a genuine concern with it
ash dew
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Oh, thank you so much, Drkhushboo. That's really reassuring. Yeah. And I may and may not go back to the regular job. I mean, I would rather, I think, now just have my own thing to do, because I love the flexibility. I can work when I want. And honestly, to get a day off in school job was absolutely impossible. Like, somebody should have died for you to get a day off in school
Dr.khushboo chauhan
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Yeah, that's a great decision. And the more you work on yourself, it will give you a new ideas and the more you work on yourself, it will give you a whole new sense of your true self, your inner self. And the more you work on yourself, it will give you a reassuring that yes, the true meaning of your personal purpose of your life
Kaps A Perspective !!!!!
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Haters goona hate , potatoes gonna potate , WHO CARES ….DO WHAT U FEEL LIKE

Spend time as a lady, getting control of the house, tuition, content writing. You speak so well and you're a psychologist. One thing which is the future. Do what you want to. Spend time with yourself, talk to your subconscious. And yes, it doesn't matter what the people are saying. On the contrary, the other aspect, which always keeps telling that marriage, kids, marriage, grandchildren, grandchildren's, marriage whatnot? Remember, these are the support systems
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I really want to listen to you, and I think you have a great voice, and the content is also really nice, but the music in the background is a little too loud, I feel. And also, there was some other disturbance also in the audio, so I couldn't get all the part. So if you just listen to the swell I mean, the reply that you gave on my swell, I think you'll understand what I mean. But thank you so much for your reply
Nidhin George 🔷
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@ashdew - very few people dare to be the individuals they were created to be. The rest, merely conform. Remember you're an awesome "individual"

You should be doing a job that you like because you do it well and listening to your swell, listening to whatever you said you said in this. Well, it sounds to me that you are doing something you're passionate about. You want to make your life an exciting adventure. You want to be the master of your faith and the captain of your soul. And that, to me, sounds like a very determined person, a person who knows what their life should be
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And maybe we all get s*** about something or the other, whether it's job or marriage or kids or the color of your skin, anything. I think everybody gets s*** about everything. Maybe the world is just a heap of s***. I don't know. Okay, I'm just talking nonsense now, but it was just great listening to
Kaps A Perspective !!!!!
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If you're stuck at a place, you'll have to move out. If you're stuck in thoughts, you'll have to come out of it. It's you who have to take the decision. And life is beautiful. Provided how you glide into the plunge into the advice for the gods. God bless. Take care, you two
Dharmin Chanda
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Hello. Quite a swell, I must say. Actually been there, done that. And of course, in a very different perspective, but sure, belonging from a family of teachers all along, I would say that in a very similar space right from my grandfather being a teacher running an institute, English training institute to both my parents being teachers. Nonetheless, here's the thing. Just written a little something in the context to what you just mentioned. Let me know if this helps
Ariana .
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You go girl. Sail your ship to the path you want it to. 🩷

You are doing such a noble thing. And for people who cannot comprehend that, I feel sorry for them. It's their limitation. It is not yours. I think you're making very good use of your degree and your education. Nothing that we do in life goes for waste, actually. All the education, all the experience, everything that you have, you're putting it into best use that you want to, and above all, choosing the path that you want to work on
ash dew
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Hey, Ariana. Thank you so much for your kind words and motivating me to move ahead in this path that I've chosen for myself. And hey, yes, I would actually love to explore this option of working with you and your team. You can message me the details of how and where on private message here on Swell or any other way that suits you. Thank you so much. It was wonderful interacting with you. Have a great day ahead
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There is an image that will explain the hiring needs as well and if that works for you, if that fits the bill in the description, you will also find in the description of that swell. You will also find the link to the WhatsApp. So please WhatsApp us directly and let's take it from there. I look forward to hear back from you. Thank you so much. Take care
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Hey. Yes, I'm going to. WhatsApp? You and let's connect there