ash dew
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Is Mandala Coloring Your Thing?

And thanks to my friend, I'm going to make coloring a part of my life again. And this is one more activity that I can engage in and color my way towards being more calm and composed and probably more happy. Um

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:47
I absolutely agree with your point. And as you said about this Mandala coloring thing, I just want to try it. Like, I'll surely buy it this week and find out about it, and I'll get it and work out on it. So thank you so much for sharing this wonderful swell. Have a great day
Dayakar Rapaka
@Wizdaya · 1:17
So even I started coloring with her and I felt it actually reduces the stress level and I would definitely recommend everyone to start using it. And I think she completed half of the book and even my younger one is also very much interested to buy another one and I'm sure I will buy another one for her. At least they can stay away from mobiles and all. It's a good wonderful activity. And once you finish coloring the book, you can use it as a decorative art also
Surya V
@welcome28 · 3:49


Because when you see two roses rows 1 may have some mandala pattern and rose 2 may have some mandala pattern. Of course, you need a lot of practice to observe it. Similarly, persons a person's face has a mandala pattern. It has a geometrical pattern. Every face, every face has it. And it is a uniqueness of the nature. Art is such a beautiful thing. It can lead to enlightenment of one's soul
ash dew
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Hi, Surya. Thank you for responding and giving your perspective on mandala. That was something new that I learned that, you know, every face has a mandala, and you can find a mandala in a rows also. So thank you for sharing your perspective
Myra D
@Myra7 · 1:56


So, yeah, it's a great art and since it has some just this also associated with it, so I think it has some spiritual benefit as well. Thanks for bringing this up. Lovely hearing from you. Bye
Ramya V
@Ramya · 2:25
Hey, that's a lovely mandala picture that you've shared, and you've done a brilliant job of coloring it. So, yeah, I've dabbled in mandala before. I think someone gave me this book once when I was hospitalized briefly, and they thought it would be a nice thing for me to rest and relax and recuperate with
aamna singh
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But the good thing is that, yes, in our busy lives, et cetera, et cetera, it just kind of takes a backseat. Backseat and stress and anxiety. When it's looming or it's there, then these kind of therapeutic activities, they come around and we start understanding the spiritual significance and start recognizing the significance of it