Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 2:49

Compliments that aren't really compliments!

Hi, guys. I just came across a very beautiful, very smart, intelligent Auntie who complimented me. And I just realized that some compliments that we hear and we think are compliments that aren't really compliments complimented me on the dress I was wearing, saying, You're very brief to wear a dress like that. For a minute I felt I was complimented, but then I just realized it actually wasn't a compliment

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Dominique Davis
@Dominique · 0:38

The "Not Like Other Girls" compliment.

This is a great topic. One of the things that came to my mind instantly was that you're not like other girls compliment. I hate it any time anyone ever says that because it's just disrespecting an entire gender. Why do you feel like you have to put down other women just to bring me up? I would love to be known as one of the other girls because women are awesome. I don't like this compliment at all. It's not a compliment
Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 0:26


Yeah, I completely agree. You're not like other girls. This is something that I've heard so many times, and it just clicked me like a tube, like, you know. Oh, d***. I've heard this so many times. You're not like others. You're not like, I get it. It's so difficult, difficult to actually understand if somebody's sarcastically compliments that aren't really compliments you or