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Episode 3 - Guess the Shayar - "Patta patta, boota boota…"

पत्ता पत्ता बूटा बूटा हाल हमारा जाने है जाने न जाने गुल ही न जाने बाग तो सारा जाने है नो दिस स सच फिमसलाइनकी और कोई भी क्लू देना सही नहीं होगा सो प्लीज गैस हू दिस very famous poet s and the rule the famous before अगर आपको mlm है on पोयट नाम मत बता और sar sar smother line of poyamoncoslby that poet giving is name a way that would be great so thank you play।

#GuessTheShayar #UrduPoetry Guess the poet, no googling!

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hi good morning he is a very famsharofmetacimi and everyone who s lite about in obviously know that this is his but the other day was a reading through is shares and there is one thing that i nceaimacrosanarely like इस उलट गई सब तदबीरें कुछ न दवा ने काम किया देखा इस बीमारी दिल ने आखिर काम तमाम किया सो posting।
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Answer is Mir Taqi Mir

the correct anser for this one is mertakimerothe gretest ordupotsandithink the best place for him was the line by mrzaalibwhosaid tome ustad ne mere।