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Each book is an alternative life to the one that she actually lived out. And so she has an opportunity to grab a book from the shelf and live that life. She can say things to the librarian because there's a librarian there. She can say, well, I wish I could have married this guy that I was really in love with. And so they take the book off the shelf, and she's immediately whisked into the life with that guy

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Angela Kaye
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Sorry I got cut off in my initial swell, but I did not give away any spoilers. And I also did not give you the what happens in the gist of the book and what happens at the end. So hopefully I piqued your interest enough to maybe check it out, but not enough where you feel like you know the whole story, because trust me, you don't. I didn't give it to you, but I think you'll greatly like this book

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That kind of stuff. Crazy, bad, scary. My family gave up on me not because they wanted to give up on me, just because they didn't know how to cope with it. They didn't know how to deal with it. Think about it. If you're talking to someone that's not going to remember what you did three minutes ago, or you want to keep talking with them, some people do. But most people, by a large margin, do not