At the end of our life they all tried to leave us from any cause, but a friend never do this. They just said I wanted to be your friend. Any cause, any condition. Because a friend is also the part of our family. This is the true relationship. Friends never treat you any situation, any condition. If your friend say something about yourself that they tried to be better or more better. Few lines about Frances from my side. I am your friend. Not like Lily

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Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:34


Hey, Anita. So your swell on friendship was just so great. I also just love my friend and that act that's actually very true. Like, friends are something we make on our own. We don't get it from code directly. And friends are family as well. So I just love my friends and they're just so good. I just love them very much. So thank you for posting this. When I'm making me realize how much I loved my friends
kamakshi kakkar
@kamakshikakkar · 0:47


Oh, God, what a great, great it was raining those days about the