Threads: Will Twitter Survive the App Threads?

And if so, what would you thread about? And do you think you're going to delete Twitter now that Threads is a thing? Because here's my take. I think in the long run, instagram might be the one app people will only use because when Instagram introduced Stories, it took a feature of Snapchat, and I found myself not using Snapchat. I found myself using Snapchat rarely because Instagram had the Stories feature

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Khalid Hanif
@theElvnth_Our · 1:23
It just seems to be a bastion of confusion and negativity, at least from my perspective. So, yeah, I will be paying attention to how this launch of threads unfolds and unveils itself. And, yeah, I guess we'll both be learning as we go. But it's so nice to hear your voice, and I hope all is well. And, yeah, we'll talk soon. Bye
Mehnaz Amjad
@Mehnaz_Amjad · 4:53

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Now, this is the opportunity that Meta and Mark Zuckerberg took, and they are making the most of it, and they have launched Threads. So I join in thread because my purpose as a coach, when I advertise or I sell my services or create awareness about who do I help and how can I help, twitter was of use to me, helping me build those meaningful conversations and also connect with people
Anisah Khan
@Anisah_Writes · 4:20

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Hey, Khalid, so nice hearing your voice again. It's been a while, so I'm glad you popped by and replied. Yeah, I've never been a Twitter user. I've always thought it was so confusing, right? Because of all the things people say, it's quite audacious. Is that the word I'm looking for? The audacity? They have to say things. I think it's because of the ability to hide behind a screen and just say whatever you want
Anisah Khan
@Anisah_Writes · 4:53


Hi Minas. So that I really khan you for applying. I learned a lot about Twitter from your reply because I was aware about how Elon bought out Twitter and how he changed the whole verification stuff because it's always been flooding on my social social media. I've read about it, but I didn't really give too much thought of it because I've always been intimidated by Twitter because I never knew how to fully use it
Mehnaz Amjad
@Mehnaz_Amjad · 4:13


So from a business perspective, he's just making the most of what Twitter is right now kind of held up in. Similarly, you never know going forward, we may have more such platforms. They come, they go, and we all, as human beings, continue to communicate, share and connect
Arish Ali
@arish · 2:42


The moment you go and turn it on, on Instagram, you sign into Threads with their account, you get your existing network graph that's on Instagram, available on Threads, and that's a huge differentiation. That kind of availability kind of gives you an existing network effect to work with right away. And I think that's the reason it has done so well. 100 million followers already, users already. So yeah, let's see how this plays out
Marina S
@MarinainWonder · 1:21
So, yeah, again, it's a matter of choice at the end of the day, but I'm definitely not trying to download any more apps. I'm good with the apps I have, but I hope you are enjoying it and I hope it doesn't become like, some app that ends up crashing or anything like that. But it itself means supposed to be competitive with Twitter. So, yeah, have a good day
Anisah Khan
@Anisah_Writes · 3:38


I don't like TikTok. I still haven't downloaded it because I thought it was hyped up. And with threads. I also thought I was hyped up. I'm like, well, why do we need another social media app? Because I feel like we're just probably going to keep creating more and more and more apps and social media to where everyone's zoom, scrolling
Anisah Khan
@Anisah_Writes · 4:49


And so for me, it's like a great social networking tool to grow an audience, and I found that quite helpful. Do I post on the app? No, I don't. I really don't find myself posting it unless I'm trying to get into trying to get my submissions into a thread lit magazine, because there's like an experimental thread magazine that's committed to pieces written in threads. So I thought that was quite interesting