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Oh, I thought of another one sitting there looking like a sick kitten on a warm brick. Haze that one a lot. Okay. Yeah, I think that was. I can't think of no other ones right now

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Oh, I have to jump all over this one. Homo sanity here from the homosanity show. Gosh, I have so many of these, so I'll just use a couple. My grandfather used to say if he saw somebody on tv that he thought wasn't pretty, excuse my voice, it's early in the morning. He would say they could scare Christ off the cross. Sorry if that offends anybody, but I just always thought that was funny
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Hey, homo sanity. Yeah, those are funny. I'm gonna have to use the one about scaring Christ off the cross. I'm gonna have to use that. Definitely have to use that. Because I know my children used to say all the time, if somebody were to frustrate them or upset, then they'd be like, mama, they can make Jesus cuss. So, yeah, I'm going to have to use that one
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J.L. Beasley
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I understood it immediately as soon as it was said to me, and I talk about it frequently now to my audience, to women in different support group sessions. If I am serving in the capacity of a speaker, I tell people, yes, a hit dog will holler. I literally had a girl reach out to me yesterday that came over to my house, because she looks at me as a big sister, as a mentor. She wanted me to give her some words of encouragement about a situation
Andrea Piggue
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Jl, those are hilarious. So I say a hit dog will holler a lot. I actually did a swell about that, about a hit dog will holler. And I use that a lot on social media because when people be just saying some stuff, I just be like, a hit dog, a holler. Like, you know what it means. You know what it means. And so I use that one lot