Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 1:25

Ask Swell... Saying I love you and LIVING I love you!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my swell fam friends and followers. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. So in lieu of Valentine's Day, I posted a link to a video that I saw on Facebook and I wanted to know your opinion on it. It's he's talking about saying I love you versus living like I love you and so take a listen and then let me know what you think. I'll put my comments down below. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Valentine's day

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Natasha Nurse
@DressingRoom8 · 3:17

@Andrea_Speaks Happy Valentine's Day 💌 #love #iloveyou #authenticity

You. Happy Valentine's day to you, too. And I would say that that video was absolutely nail on the head around the authenticity of love. It is. Words are cheap, right? You can tell anyone, I love you. You can fall in love in a hot minute and leave it at that. But it's the action. It's the showing up of love. It's the living, the I love you. That is what people need in life
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 3:11
When they say, I love hard, usually I hear that from women that are in dysfunctional, abusive relationships and they're trying to justify why or how they may have gotten there by saying, I love hard or why they're not leaving by saying, I love hard. But you can love someone. It doesn't have to be loving them hard. It doesn't have to be