If your husband/man asked you to go in another room when he had company...would you?

So he just had on his draws, no shirt or nothing, or even he had on his shirt and just his draws. I would want him to get up and go in the room and put some pants on. If my friends came over, I would want him to put a shirt on if he didn't have a shirt on, you know what I mean? Because those are my friends

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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 3:14
It. Hey, sis, this is a great topic, and I agree with you. As a woman, I don't feel the need to be involved in male conversations. They talk about things that only another man can understand, and they're more comfortable talking about these things when there's not a woman present. You know, once upon a time, it was standard practice for women to retreat into another space if their husband had male friends. Such as?
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 4:59
Hey, Andrea, thanks so much for the invite. This is an interesting topic. I think it can go both ways. I've always been the type of person who like my husband's friends or my boyfriend's friends and my brother's friends are my friends. I've always had a lot of male friends and so that hasn't been a problem. Now, I will say this. Nobody at my house is going to pop up unannounced
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:56
If they aren't, that their dating process was rushed to the point of assigning titles versus earning them, because if he had taken time to properly vet her, over time, he would have clearly recognized that she had probably some manipulative, controlling, and insecure ways that probably were masked with, oh, babe, I just want to be with you and around you, and, oh, my gosh, I'll miss you if you're gone
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 3:07
Now, your man got to fight for his woman, where it could just be just squashed from the beginning and just either dress more decent or just leave. And I agree. My man was sitting at home with some boxers on, some gray sweatpants with his fang fanging. You're not going around my girlfriends like that, sir. No, sir. So, yeah, I agree that she should have just excused herself and went down the room. No big deal
Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 3:02
My friends are my friends and your friends are your friends. If we intermingle for a moment in time, then so be that. But you don't need to have the latest gossip and tea on my friends because their personal business and their conversations is between me. I remember I had one friend, her boyfriend went through her messages, and I was furious. Like I told her, I said, at this point, I think I need to stop being your friend because he read my messages
Luce Fonrose
@ilovelucee · 4:55
She might be like, I'll let them talk for a little bit, but she might join at some point or, I don't know, the first part of the conversation, she might be there and then at some point she'll get up and leave. So I feel like it really just depends on who you are as a person. And like I said, I'm very similar to my mom when I've been in relationships. I would be mad cool with my significant other's friends
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 0:40
But no, I think everybody individually wants to kick it with their friends. You should give them some privacy. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Like I said, I would have excused myself. Anyway, he wouldn't have to tell me nothing
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 2:17


Man, my girl tripping, too. Must be that time of the month or whatever they say. I don't know. Whatever they say. But I think they need that time, right? Because they need to get that other male perspective, you know what I mean? Because just like women, we need it, right? And so I think they need that time
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 4:23


Now, I did have one guy friend that I've flirted with, but that's a whole nother story. But I had guy friends that would come over and they would come over and talk to me about their girlfriends and stuff. You know what I mean? And even with my daughter's dad, most of his friends I was cool with, they liked me. You know what I mean? Most of his friends did. They liked me. They would chey, how are you doing?
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 3:39


The only thing I could come up with, and this was, thank you for bringing this out because this was something that I was thinking about, too. Only thing I could think of is maybe she liked one of his friends, or maybe she's a woman who's not securing herself and so she likes male attention. So when his friends come over, you know what I mean? She do that. I know a girl that can be looking regular and when her dudes friends will come over
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 4:26


Me personally, I'm not saying that if a woman chooses to stay in the room with a man, that that's disrespectful. That's not what I'm saying. But what I am saying is that men need to have spaces where they can talk to other men, and they need those spaces that women are not there so that they can feel comfortable to say whatever it is that they want to say. And it's the same way with women
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 4:59


Like, if she want to talk to you, go ahead. And I would. I would sit there and listen to him, but my guy would be right there, and I would listen to him, and I would tell him from a female, I'm like, I'm not speaking for her, but from my point of view, this is what it is, right? And I did that. You know what I mean? I've done that before
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 3:49


If he forced my hand, I would. And the women wouldn't know nothing different because I wouldn't do it in front of them. I'll wait till they leave, and I wouldn't even say nothing to them about him being there or me having to ask him to get up and leave. And if they said something, I would change the subject because it ain't your business. That's between me and him. But, yeah, I agree with you
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 3:14
There's a group chat or there's a conversation, and it's not all bad. But guess what? You know how many times my girls have talked me down from the ledge in a relationship? They be like, oh, girl, just give him another chance. He's not that bad. You know, we encourage one another. So let that brother talk it out with his friends. Maybe his friends got a problem and he's the counselor. You all up in there in their face
Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 3:54
And I remember when I was young, young, and I remember one of my boyfriends, his friend asked me to do his hair, and I did hair. So it was like, okay, cool. I went to braid his hair, and of course he tried it. And I was like, no, I'm good. What are you doing? And my boyfriend called me. He's like, why you go over there?
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 4:37


And I'm like, you? Yeah. I don't mind a man. Because typically, most men allow the woman to decorate the house, right? They allow the woman to decorate the house. So you pretty much got your touch everywhere in the house. So get that man that one room to have by himself where he can just chill out and be and not worry about you coming down there bothering him. And if he want to leave beer bottles down there, let him leave them beer bottles
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 5:00


So that's why we were able to, you know, we kind of meshed a little bit. Cause we both were very flirty. And so when he. I saw him flirting, I didn't, I didn't get upset when I saw him what, to me, looked flirtatious. I just did it back to him. So I would talk to somebody else and do it the way he did it. And then when he would see me, you know what I mean?
Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 2:45
And I'm like, I don't know. I ain't going to speak to that. If somebody pushes up on me, I'm definitely going to let you know. But I was just trying to explain to him, like, that's the reason why I leave. Because men are men. It don't matter if they friends with your guy or not, men are men
Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 1:32


I don't even know what to call app but I did see the video and that was about to get real extra. I'm surprised but I think it was great that his man's and I'm just ended up leaving you all handle that because that was doing way too much and I definitely wouldn't even want to stick around after the conversation got that deep. I wouldn't have wanted to sit in there with them. But I'm wondering