Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 2:32

Why do men with hairlines in the back of their heads wear long braids or locs?

But I really believe if he could see, he would really slap his stylist, because why do they continue to allow him to wear these long braids and his hairline is in the back of his head? So I'm just wondering, like, what is it with men? Do men not know when it's time to let the hair go? Like, if your hairline is in the middle or the back of your head, baby, let the locks and the braids go

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ash dew
@ashdew · 0:21
Hey, Andrea. That was so funny the way you narrated this. I totally agree with you. I don't know why men do that. I think it looks just totally crazy and rightly said. I mean, just let the hair go. It was so much fun listening to you. Thank you for posting
Bryan Jim
@Jim-Bryan · 1:05


Okay. Good evening, everyone. My name is Jim Bryan and I'm from Devon, Colorado. Why do men with airlines in the back of their heads weird RedLock? For me, I can say that most of them do love the style. Like putting dreadlocks by some because of their air condition. They just think okay, let me try dreadlock. I made a try. It fits and make them look good, so they are good to go
Swell Team
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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:13
Instead of just cutting their hair off and saying, you know what? I need to start afresh and grow my hair back. No, we'll hold on to all that dead split hair because we want our hair to look longer. So I think that just like with men, they hold on to their hair because of pride. They don't want to accept the fact that they're losing their hair. They don't want to accept the fact that they can't rock certain hairstyles anymore
Bryan Jim
@Jim-Bryan · 0:26


Hello. It's okay. I agree with your opinion. And you're quite right. Most men don't lose their air. That's why they do add dreadlock and all sorts of things to keep their ears. And by the way, Ash, your dad, my regards to him. And nice to meet you. I swear