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Transparency - striving to heal from rejection

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So this is probably not a really good Father's Day topic, but I just really needed to get this out because I was just on another swell, and it brought up some things that I thought I was in a better place with. So if you talk to a lot of people who are adopted, a lot of them will tell you that they deal with abandonment and with rejection issues

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Augustine Hicks

@AndreaSpeaks Good Evening keep running. Dont Give Up.." REJECTION IS ELECTION" to A Higher Purpose in The Kingdom💪.. #GODISTHRIFTY…Nothing Wasted🙏🏾❤️✝️

We must press forward and complete the race. So God bless you. You are in the race. You are winning. Although it doesn't feel like it, I can hear it, so receive it. And I want to leave you with this that the Lord gave me a while back. And just today I was reminded of what he gave me. And the Lord told me a while back, it their rejection is God's election
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