I had to step out of my comfort zone on social media about #climate #leadership when... | When I went #plantbased

If you find something that you have a real core value in you and it's made a big difference for you, then getting a little out of your comfort zone on social media can feel just incredibly authentic and part of kind of your values as a person and needing to express that, it's made a huge difference for me

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Ty Dobbs
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Hey, Andrea, I really enjoyed this conversation about just spreading awareness and getting public about our passions and just kind of what would really get this going. I think that there's so much value in just reaching out and finding that community and just putting yourself out there. And it can be scary. It can be scary to show people a little bit about who you are with fear of judgment and all the things that come with living in a public way
Andrea Learned
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You don't have to go on and on about you. I think that's part of what my brand has been for my podcast and for all the stuff that I do. I talk about how I've been riding a bike or e bike for transportation for years. I don't have a neon sign. I show up with my panures and kind of soaking wet half the time in Seattle and kind of locking up the bike and all this stuff