Later is Too Late #Climate messaging research and insights.

For anyone interested, and if you are listening to me, you probably are interested in climate better climate communications and more accessible messaging. I just got off an amazing webinar hosted by the three key nonprofit research kind of organizations. The one leading it is an organization called Potential Energy Coalition, and they partnered with Yale, Climate Communications and GSCC. All of this is in a LinkedIn post that I have pinned to my LinkedIn page now, but I just wanted to say that it gave me hope

#ClimateInfluence - and how to spread the urgency of the situation in a way that resonates with the most people. Super interesting new research.

Shawna Kearsley
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How I met Mr. Aaron Rice and he is big in Climate Action. Rate of Return on Investment📸 Look at this post on Facebook

However, you have been instrumental in starting to soften me up, loving me up, because I'm a lover upper, too. So your approach of going to the positive side of the conversation and showing the benefits and the strength of the argument and the action is really resonating with me. And I imagine that if I can put it in the language of my conservative friends, I think that will have bigger impact
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@OnAcornBay On finding ways to communicate about climate with perhaps resistant communities. Yes! The business ROI in climate and resilience is BIG.

So this is just wonderful to hear. And the idea that I'm in any way helping you formulate your position and come up with the political will where you can kind of help your community think about this a little bit differently makes me super happy. And that, yes, for any who have the ability to have open conversations with our conservative friends, oh my gosh, yes, we need more people to be up for that and to find ways to have these conversations
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@Andrea_Climate Legislative committee meeting - Maryland jan19 2024

Andrea, you must be thrilled right now because. Yeah, I went from literally being a stand up comic to the general assembly for the state of Maryland. Goodbye. I'll talk to you later. Thank you very much. Bye
Andrea Learned
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And the more you do this, the more various people in the assembly will pay attention when you're out there checking out their bills that seem to have environmental climate related. So all that is to say, my friend, go for it. This is incredible. And if I have inspired you in any way, it makes me so happy. So I'm just thrilled that we met here and I love your reporting in and just so fun to be sharing these messages all over. Swell
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@Andrea_Climate thank you

However, I know it was important, and then I snowed into you, and I think that was really awesome. So now I have some direction, and it happens to be in a world that I have some I visit sometimes for other things. So while I'm there, I suppose we'll kind of have something else in the toolkit or something. Yeah. I don't even know what I'm doing, but I will keep you updated. Thank you very much. Bye