On the power many of us have to help our #climate policy makers build #politicalwill and get their own #media coverage for it. #ClimateInfluence #2024

I would love for this to be a wide open, really back and forth conversation. So I'm I'm glad to make it public and I will share it broadly and see if we can get more people involved. So thanks all for your interest too

This is a massive untapped #climateaction #mediarelations opportunity. opportunity https://s.swell.life/STzfV8sF5K0EsbE

Laurie McGinley
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And in a way, I know it's not totally the same, but the public school district, in a way, you could kind of compare as a politician who had constituents. And one of the things that I know from my time in that role is that it took a very small number of constituents who were persistent and clear with their language to make a change happen
Andrea Learned
@Andrea_Climate · 3:37

It only takes a couple of leaders or constituents getting louder to build #ClimateInfluence momentum in policy spaces etc. @lauriemcginley @OnAcornBay

And so to your question in terms of politics, and this is such a good question because this is what I advise on, it's not this massive. How do we scale this campaign? What do we do this? It's really looking in and going, okay, who's a leader that we would like to sway? Who is that leader kind of watching? Is that leader jealous or aspiring to have the sort of support and attention that XYZ leader over here does?
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Shawna Kearsley
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Well, Miss Climate, Andrea, how are you? This is. I'm getting more clarity. So, on political will, I sit on business and government. So I am a perfect tool for political will. And I'm a storyteller and I'm a community leader. My community needs leadership in climate action. So one of the things I say in my community is we all live in silos, and in our silos, we're all doing amazing work. Not some not so amazing work
Andrea Learned
@Andrea_Climate · 4:45

@OnAcornBay #Storytelling Katharine Hayhoe - #climate scientist who excels in telling the accessible climate change facts https://youtu.be/08-nkWzg4HA

And another thing that there's a website that does a lot of great video storytelling, and it's all about reaching consumers in an accessible manner. And I attended a conference recently where the founder of that was talking about, they did a little video kind of interview with a republican congressman. I think it was Utah. I think his last name is English. And if you connect with me on LinkedIn, I can find that link and send it to you