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Eight Rules of Love book is out and a lot of people are really excited to read this book, to find love, to keep love and let go of love. And I'm really interested to know what kind of stories or opinions you have around this topic love, or if you want to share your opinions on relationships in general. Yes, please do share your thoughts and stories. I'm really interested to know what you have got to say. Let's go

8 rules of love by jay shetty is out! I’d like to know your stories and thoughts around the topic of love

Masha Rooh
@Ba-Dastoor · 2:01

Hey, this is Masha, I am happy to see this book coming up and would love to read. My thoughts on love is "Pain" #firstswell

Maybe a third party entering or their family coming against your love. Or peer pressure or the worst. Your own mood swing where you defer yourself at a stage that you no longer need that person or love that person. And that's the moment it breaks apart and you're left with nothing but pain. You feel lost in that universe that you once created and then you start agonizing, even unto death. It's basically what Japanese call it tacosubo
vani singhal
@vaanisinghal · 4:37

A short story. We were complete yet heartbroken. #swellcast #collegevoiceindia

The girl was really understanding and she respected his feelings and she said we can be best friends, but we can be really good friends. We can be even best friends, but don't keep any sort of hopes because I don't want to fall in love currently. I just don't want to because I'm already waiting for someone. So with that hope, she became really good friends with good intentions. Now, what happened was they became best friends, they started hanging out in the semester
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Anderson Haran
@andersonharan · 1:08


And again, he got too tired of that soon because maybe he was trying to reconnect with his ex, and maybe that's why he did that. So that's what I think. And also, in my opinion, keeping in touch with your exes is not a good idea. I think it's better for both of them to respectfully agree to take their own paths and not try to keep in touch. What are your thoughts?
Anderson Haran
@andersonharan · 1:20


And also, if the couples cannot respectfully have the discussion with each other, if they always try to raise their voice on each other and always, it ends up as an argument, especially when the voices go up, that's when the problems start. If the voices can be maintained low and a respectful tone is maintained, I think that can solve 80% of the problems