Standup Comedian answering questions - 2

You doing standup comedy can be harder than doing public speaking, because if it's just a speech, you're expecting people to just acknowledge and leave. But if it's comedy, you're expecting people to laugh at your jokes, which can be a little challenging and can be stressful as well. So I'm going to answer some of your questions based on my up comedy experiences. So let's go ask your questions

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Chhaya Saini
@shimmythatsoul · 1:52
Yes, I think you're very right. And I can now understand it because I'm funny. My situational comedy is top notch. But whenever people ask me, Ari, why don't you try stand up comedy? Why don't you do these shows? And I'm like, that is a different ballgame altogether. You have to plan your jokes. And it's really difficult to ensure that all your jokes are landing and to be able to face that