You. What are your fears and why? A lot of people have different fears. Such as? You know, could be anything. Fear of heights are common. Some people are afraid of public speaking and some people are afraid to create a video. But not only that, to even post. So fear is a big limitation to growth. I want to know what are the fears you have and how it's stopping you from maybe to see what's on the other side


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And when I'll actually be able to leave the house and go out, I'll be actually seeing just dead bodies around, and it'll be like me as the only survivor in this zombie land, not knowing what to do. And this actually hampers a lot because I believe it tends to make me clingy, which I've been working on very consciously over the last decade or so. So even in friendships, relationships or everything, it makes me clingy. It used to

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Look, I teach English here on Swellcast, so I'm very big into education and I'm concentrating on people that are not necessarily Americans, although, of course, many may be. But my biggest fear by far is of the fact that education is so, so maligned here in the United States and teachers are fleeing from the classroom, administrators are nowhere to be found. Like, what do theory say? And then, of course, the politicians are all beating on the drum of canceling public education
Himanshi Thakur
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So I am always a little fearful of losing my parents, my father, my mother and it is going to happen eventually, I realize that and a part of me keeps training myself for that eventuality but I'm afraid to lose them. It's true. Also I'm a little claustrophobic so extremely enclosed spaces make me a little anxious but not always, I mean not always. Height is fine. I was also hydrophobic growing up but now I am not as much
Pragati Chopra
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But I think it's very important that we understand that our fears should not affect our day to day life. When it becomes that, then I think that's the time you need treatment. So acceptance, I think is a very important thing. And then facing, I think that can help us a lot. And gradually, when we face our fear in small doses, and I think that thing lets our brain become accustomed to that fear
YN Beshier
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You. Me, personally, I have a fear of bugs, insects, and I have a fear of flying, but I didn't have a fear of flying until, like, the plane started dropping out of the sky and stuff. So I think that is not an actual fear. That's just I want to call it emotional
Kritika Harshank
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The cleaning lady also used to sometimes leave the keys theory and just tell me, just you do you lock the lab up and then just leave the key outside my gate and then go? But the fears talk, like till now, I'm like that. So if I don't study so much, like if I don't kill myself by studying so much, I might fail. But I do fail sometimes in the exams, like I am failing in this FMG after coming back to India