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@ananyapadwal17 · 3:53

Jealousy: Someting That We All Face

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You should say that I am doing so well and I'm going to continue achieving this. This way, in both the cases you are the one who is benefiting. So this was all for today. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you learned something new. So by the time we meet next, we would have eradicated this idea of jealousy from our lives. Thank you

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Disha Agarwal
@disha_aga05 · 2:57

Why do others ruin our friendships? #DishTales #poetsofswell #collegevoiceindia #swellcast

Because how can you be so shallow that you are trying to just break a bond between two people who are happily just being there for each other, supporting each other, motivating each other and being the pillar of support and strength? And that's when I realized it's not that people don't do that with everybody. Everyone does that with everybody
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Ayushi Das
@Ayus_01 · 1:30


And also, yes, jealousy as we face in our lives some time or the other can be both positive and negative. Like you said, when someone is jealous of you, you be proud of yourself and that's how you deal with it in a positive way. And when you feel even a bit of jealousy towards other person, we need to take it as a motivation for our growth, which is again a very good concept that we have put up. Yeah, this is it
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