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Anant Vajpeyi
@anant.vajpeyi · 2:44

Truthful eyes and a childlike smile

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So keep on doing things, keep on doing those little efforts in your life and start making people smile because I think it's when you go back home you go back to bed, it gives you a better sleep. So I would like to have a great discussion on this. Really looking forward to all your thoughts. Please reply to this and let me know. Thank you

#Smile #PositiveThinking #Positivity #SpreadingSmiles #Love #Empathy #Eyes

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RD Creations
@Roma_Dessai · 1:48
And nowadays, even if you show your true self to the other people, you are really enjoying the current moment. You are really a nice person. If you show it to some people, they won't even understand it because they think like everyone is like them. And people don't believe that there are some good people, the people who smile, the people who enjoy the present moment, nobody understands that. So that's what I feel
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Meera Gopalakrishnan
@mira.gopal · 2:37

I completely agree to you. The happiest moments in my life has always been the moments when I could make someone smile #smile #positivity #empathy

Giving means giving your time, giving a smile, giving a pat on the back, giving a kind word of encouragement. All these are giving. Maybe you just bring up a smile on someone's face with your words or with your smile or with your actions. Sometimes you don't even know what you are giving out. But you give out such positive vibes, it changes someone's life
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