The Little Boy with the Brown Coat Is it a true story??? Your questions answered.

I did play with the details. The genre would be creative nonfiction. I originally wrote this for They had a call out for Halloween stories and there was a strict word count of about 1000 words. So I had to play with the timeline and condense some things to get it into that word count. But yes, she was a toddler. She did have a friend, not imaginary, a ghost friend who lived in her closet, who she would talk to

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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It's so fun to have heard this story and then to get the little behind the scenes peek and have you answer the questions that people were posing. So fun. Such a cool thing to watch. Unfold on. Swell. So, yeah, this is really cool. Thank you for sharing the story. And for sharing yeah, for sharing during the lore, I guess