Amee Dickson
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Hello! This is my introduction! I am Amethyst Dickson.

article image placeholderHello -  I’m Amethyst Dickson. Let’s Chat!
Hi, this is Amethyst Dixon. I'm a cofounder of the Life organic lifestyle with my husband, Greg Dixon. I'm also a mum of four adult children. I'm am an artist, and essentially I was raised by a palette of wild acrylic paints and a shareholder stocking crayons. I believe in the principle the power to choose what's meaningful and significant in my life. So this means being self expressed, artistically, with creativity and passion. I enjoy having discussions of all nature with my husband

I’m looking forward to getting to know new people and have some heartfelt conversations. #introduction @LifeOrigami @Zeitgeist www.ameedickson.com

Dzakye M
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Hello. Amethyst I'm Zika from Switzerland? And I know Greg, we've fallen out recently for suddenly a silly reason or misunderstanding. Yes. Welcome to Swell. I'm not very often here, but just check. There is the possibility of posting images in post which I like nice picture of you with a beautiful presentation of the photograph. Well done. Yes. I'm passionate about arpitin the language of my ancestors, which is quickly dying out here in Valet
Greg Dickson
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Welcome to this Swell community!

So very pleased to welcome you here to Swell, my dear Amethyst. For those of you that don't know Amethyst. And I got married three years ago, having known one another for 1112 years, bit more than a decade. And we've been having a blast with Life and looking forward to collaborating with her on our At Life or Gammy profile here on Swell and exploring topics around life and business and how to really just get on puts it around, doing whatever the heck you want in your life
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Amee Dickson
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Why we call our business - Life Origami. @dzakyem

It doesn't really resonate with me, but we're just there for people to talk, have some heartfelt conversations and do what it is. We do. I know that's vague right now, but I can't think right now off the top of my head. Yeah, well, thanks for replying. And I look forward to getting to know you more. You mentioned that you and Greg have spoke, so that's nice. And look forward to getting to know you more
Amee Dickson
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Hi Hubby Bubby - How and when we met - and what’s up today at @LifeOrigami

And anyway, that's a bit about me and Greg, our beginnings. Yeah. So I'm excited about being on swell and getting to know more people. And, yeah, let's just start from here
Amee Dickson
@Amethyst · 2:23

Hi to @MerelyHuman - About Those Great conversations with Greg ...

And as we got married three years ago, we used to have so many of these unique conversations that we never had before with anybody else. It was like this meeting of the minds. And I always wondered what it'd be like to be married to somebody smart. I'm still wondering, no, I didn't give you permission to speak. So don't worry about it. Anyway. I'm glad that you're enjoying your conversations with him
Bowie Rowan
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Hi, Amethyst, it's so nice to meet you and I'm really, really excited to see more or I should say, see and listen to what you have to share about Art. So thank you so much for joining Swell and hope to talk more soon
Amee Dickson
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@bowie. Thanks for the hello - My new directive - expressing myself

So that's one of the things I'm looking forward to with Swell is being more proficient at speaking. So I look forward to some conversations and and getting to know you as well. Yeah
Amee Dickson
@Amethyst · 1:54

@MerelyHuman @bowie - Getting past myself so I can express myself

I want to say, connect the feelings to what I want to say and not be worrying whether or not I'm stammering or if I'm breathing or if I'm shaking or if I'm sweating or just say what I got to say when I'm talking with Greg, it just flows. And I don't really worry about those other things. I just speak and we have great conversations. And then I get on here and it's a different feeling. And we were just talking about this
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