Amanda Zeitawi
@amandaz · 2:17

Thoughts on Will Smith at the Oscars

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But then again, I've also seen the other take where people say that he shouldn't have handled it verbally at all and it's just a joke and that comedians can essentially say whatever they want in light of comedy. And then there's yet another take where people are proud of Will Smith for his actions, saying that he set up to his wife and that this is kind of positive example of how to defend the people you love, even if it's in front of the audience
Brandon Novara
@theaveragejoe · 4:36
If it's not fake, then this should be the reason this should be the collapse of the Oscars, because I'm not saying that Will Smith didn't deserve that award. I think there were other people that probably should have got it over him, but he was phenomenal in that movie, and his acting has gotten amazing. And I've been a fan of Will Smith. Maybe not all of his movies, but I've been a fan of him. I'm not a fan of Jada