Diana Jorda
@All2beholdyou · 4:55

Safe space guided meditation

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Does it give you a sense of calm, like a warm embrace? What does the air feel like? Can you feel the air? Is there a breeze? Or is there a warmth coming from a fire? What does the distance look like? What are the surroundings, the details that begin to form in the space? What do you see as images that bring delight to you?

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Dr.khushboo chauhan
@Fragrance · 1:08
Whatever we are feeling, it's okay to feel the feelings and it's totally okay. So it's about the self discovery that you have mentioned. So just keep working on yourself, keep discover yourself. The more you discover yourself, the more answers you will get of your questions and most importantly, you will get more questions too. So thank you so much. Yeah. Good luck
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