Ray Garraud

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My running journey - How it all began.


"…I remember never wanting anything to do with distance running. Back then I thought 5 miles was too long. Long distance. I had a pretty successful couple of years of high school running, but after high school I hung up my spikes in pursuit of more interesting activities like life, career, raising a family, personal development, etc. Etc. And let's fast forward to many decades later. For the sake of brevity, I decided to get back into running just for fitness and fun.…"

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Indy Rishi Singh

@MysticScientist · 9mo ago · 0:28

"…I got a question for you. Have have you ever got that runner's high, like, where you get, like, super high from, like, you getting, like, a certain point, like, you know, you like, hit something and you just, like, start to feel like lucid or how does it feel like what do you feel like it's get high, like you're from smoking marijuana?…"


Jared Bogda

@JCB07 · 9mo ago · 1:17

"…So I think it's really great to hear the words of wisdom and really great swell for encouragement and helping people understand that they can do stuff, too, not only exercising and running and staying fit, which is very important, but other things in our lives. So I think that this really resonates with me because it's the New Year and I'm really trying to make the extra effort to stay active and keep in shape and set goals for myself.…"


Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 9mo ago · 1:34

"…But in my experience, it's happened when I'm on a slow, easy run, a long distance training run, let's say 10 miles and above, you reach a point where you have an overwhelming feeling of joy, where you feel no pain, your mind and body are one, and you feel like you can continue on this run indefinitely. You can run forever. It's really a euphoric feeling of confidence, joy, gratitude, all mixed in.…"



Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 9mo ago · 1:18

"…It always starts with that first step, which is what I did five years ago, took the first step, got up from the couch and decided, this is not working. Let me do something different. Then comes the perseverance and commitment to the ups and downs. There will be ups and downs, for sure, and also never quitting or giving up throughout the process. Just trust the process and embrace the process. That's what has worked for me.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 7mo ago · 1:37

"…So I just wanted to say hearing about your journey and the commitment you've had over the last five years has been very inspiring for me because I really want running to become a lifelong practice and habit for me. I've already seen so many benefits over the last several months and the ways in which it's positively impacting other aspects of my life when I'm in this running routine. So we'll see what happens after the first half and I hope someday to do a full marathon.…"


Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 7mo ago · 3:58

"…How it that will last a lifetime for you because that's what I plan as well to just keep running for as long as I can. We can both agree that running is definitely life changing, teaches us a lot about ourselves, and brings out the best and most courageous out of it. Right? I think it's great that you're pursuing longer distances as well. One thing I'd like to share with you that I do in my training is I practice what's called 80 20 running.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 7mo ago · 1:06

"…So I'm feeling really grateful and looking forward to seeing how it goes. I wanted to ask you if you have read the book What I Talk About When I Talk about Running by Rookie Marikami. I've had several people over the years recommend it to me and I still haven't listened to it yet.…"

@Rayga What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

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Welcome to Swell!

Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 6mo ago · 1:35

"…Hi Bowie, thanks for your reply. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was in preparation to run the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Virginia which I completed successfully on March 20, which was last Sunday. So I will be posting about that race probably in the next couple of days on my page, detail how it went, et cetera. But it was quite a race.…"



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